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CN Tower at Dusk, Toronto, 2012.
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[ About ]
I am a software engineer, author, musician, indie gamer, indie gamemaker, Indiana Jones wannabe... I am a lot of things.

You can find me on the following:

If you want to purchase my games and apps, go to Cuttlefish Industries.
(press kits and stuff are over there as well). This is my personal site.

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[ Indie Games and Apps ]
Fun stuff I've made with friends, or alone.

░▒▓ Quaternion (2000 IGF Finalist) 

I used to run Spin Studios back when I lived in Portland, OR, and made a game called Quaternion, which was an IGF finalist in 2000. It's kinda like Columns but taken to an extreme - all sorts of powerups and multiplayer and stuff. [ More ]

░▒▓ StoryPops (IndieCade/E3 2014) 

A dual-screen interactive storybook! Young kids use a smartphone to "play" with the storybook as their parents read to them. I did the networking code for this project, which was selected as one of IndieCade's 2014 E3 showcase pieces. The apps were written using C#, Amazon Web Services, and Unity. [ More ]

░▒▓ Cuttlefish Engine 

When the iPhone and Android first hit, I left my real job and spent a year building a cross-platform, 2D game creator platform, using C# (and WinForms, heh). It didn't really take off, cause apparently you have to market things. WHO KNEW?!?! Anyway, fun code to write. [ More ]

░▒▓ Don't Dial (iPhone, Android) 

An app (iPhone and Android) that helped prevent you from making drunk dials (or drunk texts) to people you shouldn't be talking to. Was featured on a bunch of sites, and the Today Show! The app temporarily changes phone numbers to (xxx)xxx-xxxx, which sadly is about all you can do, given that Apple and Google don't really want apps to be able to prevent phone calls or texts from going on. [ More ]

░▒▓ Treasure Hunter 

Find the treasure, before the friend sitting next to you kills you. I worked with several friends to make this for the first DreamBuildPlay contest. Xbox 360 (XNA). [ More ]

I've done a ton more indie stuff; if I worked with you on something that isn't listed here, it isn't a slight, it's missing because I haven't had a chance to make screenshots, write up a description, etc. (Unless you were a dick; then it's a slight).


[ Books ]
I've written a couple books on video game programming. They're mostly out of date nowadays - the APIs have changed SO MUCH! - but the concepts are solid!

░▒▓ Special Effects Game Programming With DirectX 

Teaches you how to create some of the most interesting special effects. Learn how to code 3D water, cartoon renderings, lens flares, image warping and feedback, fire and explosions, and many other effects. [ More ]

░▒▓ Game Audio Programming 

Teaches you everything you need to make your games sound as good as they look. [ More ]

░▒▓ Various Articles 

These have aged a little better, since they're more about theory and best practices. I used to write for gamedev.net, so you can find more of my stuff there. [ More ]

[ Music ]
░▒▓ Telegon Oscillator - Magnificient Desolation 

I make electronic music under the name Telegon Oscillator. Magnificient Desolation is my first album! It's instrumental synthy goodness, and 99% non-verbal... perfect for coding!

You can listen to it by tapping the image over there, or you can click through to: [ Spotify ][ BandCamp ]


[ Photography ]
I gots me a fancy camera (mirrorless DSLR, yo!) and some lenses and I lug the whole mess around to different cities and photograph things. My camera and I have an agreement: I pay for its airline ticket, and it takes amazing pictures. Life in the modern age, man.

The backgrounds on this site come from my travels. One of these days I'll post them all in one of those cool albums that show where everything was taken, but for now just click here to randomly grab the next one.


[ AAA Games ]
People once paid me to make games (WHAAAAT!), mostly for consoles and PC but with the odd iOS one thrown in too. Here's some of the titles I helped to make:

  • ° HomeFront (2011, Xbox 360, PS3, PC)
  • ° Silent Hill: Homecoming (2008, Xbox 360, PS3, PC)
  • ° CastleCraft (2011, iOS)
  • ° Marc Ecko's Getting Up (2006, PS2, Xbox, PC)
  • ° Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2005, PS2, Xbox)

I mostly did AI Programming, Tools Programming, and general gameplay stuff like cameras (ugh!) and UI.